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If you are looking for developmentally appropriate training, you have found the right place.

Players at Simply Soccer will be schooled in the four components of soccer  – technical, tactical, psychological and fitness. The training is based on the characteristics of the players for a specific age group and the various stages of their psychomotor, cognitive and psychosocial development are taken into account. For example, a U-6 player’s cognitive development is still relatively primitive. Their play consists of a lot of imagination or pretend activities. They are beginning to use symbols or sounds to represent objects in an environment. The U-12 player, on the other hand, is beginning to think in abstract terms and can address hypothetical situations. So both groups’ needs are addressed and although we will follow the same basic camp philosophy, players must be given different activities to appropriately develop.

After each camp, players are given an evaluation as to how they performed during the week. The players are given a written evaluation as to their areas of strength and weakness. This is to serve as a guide as to where the player currently performs and what is needed to continue in their development.

A typical day at Simply Soccer

Camp participants will be trained in a technical skill during the morning session. Each day is devoted to a particular skill: Monday, for example, is dedicated to dribbling. The day follows that “theme” including the various “games” we play during the morning session. The camp participants then have lunch, watch videos of soccer matches, greatest goals or an appropriate Disney movie before getting refreshed at the pool. They then return to the fields for “World Cup” matches in the afternoon. The final day is devoted to our World Cup tournament. Players are divided into equal teams and then compete for prizes. It always provides for some spirited competition. There are also camper/coach matches – one for the younger players and one for the older players in the camp. At the end of the day, players are given their written evaluations; a certificate and then they get autographs from fellow campers on their Simply Soccer T-Shirts.

We at Simply Soccer pride ourselves in the numbers of players we have at the camps and number of return participants that we get each year.

Summer’s Here

The Simply Soccer camp is in its 34th year of camps in Coral Springs and we've had a record turnout!

We are heading into the final two weeks of summer camps. The camps are for boys and girls, ages 5-15, who will be taught a variety of soccer skills from dribbling to shooting. The longest-running camp in Coral Springs.

Signups are done online and in-person now and should you have any questions, you can call the gym at 954-345-2200. The city has instituted mask-wearing protocols inside the lunchroom. Campers do not have to wear them outside or while eating and drinking.

To register visit: and then hit the camps window and it should take you to Simply Soccer camps, find the session, and register. It's that simple. You can also register at the gym from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

This Week In Simply Soccer

Congratulations to "I don't know" for winning the Simply Soccer World Cup tournament for week 7. We have had record numbers this summer and hopefully will see you on the field this Monday, Aug. 2.

Come join in the fun!

2021 Summer Camp week 7 World Cup tournament winners!I dont knowSM

Simply Events

We are headed into week 8 of our summer camp series. For updates on future camps, check out our Facebook page at

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Summer camp 2021:

August 2-August 6; August 9-August 13.

Holiday camp 2021:

December 27-31, 2021.

Spring Break camp 2021:

March 21-25, 2022