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“Gary Curreri he has been conducting soccer camps for the city for the past 25 years. Gary has done an excellent job. The camps are educational and the students and the parents enjoy them.

My personal observations have been that the camps are both educational and fun. This is very important when you're dealing with children 6 to 8 hours a day.

I noticed that there is a large number of repeat customers, which reflects on the quality of the camps. Gary has been the most professional of all the coaches who have held soccer camps in the city.

His attention to detail is commendable and we have never encountered any problems with registrants. The city has been pleased with the number of participants and the dates of the camps we are also pleased with the quality and of the instructors that supervise the participants. We have received many positive comments from the parents on his camp.

I would strongly recommend his camp to any child interested in soccer.”

- Rick Engle, Coral Springs Director of Parks and Recreation


“Parents - This is THE BEST SOCCER Camp in South Florida. Your children will have tons of fun while learning to play soccer at a very technical level!”

- Douglas Mummaw, parent


“The camp was by far the best soccer camp my daughter ever attended. She learned a lot about the game, and raved about the fun she had.”

- Dave Cran, parent


“I have been to three soccer camps in the past. I like this one because it was close to home and I really learned a lot. This one was different because you learned new skills and practiced them in scrimmages that same day.”

- Allison Cunneen, player


“They would come home each day showing what new skills they learned in addition to sharing the stories and experiences that were shared by their coaches that day. From a parent’s perspective, this is great! They enjoyed all of the coaches and looked up to the high school and college students. They are great role models for kids!”

- Gloria Cunneen, parent

Summer’s Here

The Simply Soccer camp is in its 34th year of camps in Coral Springs and we've had a record turnout!

We are heading into the final two weeks of summer camps. The camps are for boys and girls, ages 5-15, who will be taught a variety of soccer skills from dribbling to shooting. The longest-running camp in Coral Springs.

Signups are done online and in-person now and should you have any questions, you can call the gym at 954-345-2200. The city has instituted mask-wearing protocols inside the lunchroom. Campers do not have to wear them outside or while eating and drinking.

To register visit: and then hit the camps window and it should take you to Simply Soccer camps, find the session, and register. It's that simple. You can also register at the gym from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

This Week In Simply Soccer

Congratulations to "I don't know" for winning the Simply Soccer World Cup tournament for week 7. We have had record numbers this summer and hopefully will see you on the field this Monday, Aug. 2.

Come join in the fun!

2021 Summer Camp week 7 World Cup tournament winners!I dont knowSM

Simply Events

We are headed into week 8 of our summer camp series. For updates on future camps, check out our Facebook page at

Simply Register




Summer camp 2021:

August 2-August 6; August 9-August 13.

Holiday camp 2021:

December 27-31, 2021.

Spring Break camp 2021:

March 21-25, 2022